How to Play Lottery Singapore

Lottery Singapore

There are a number of ways that you can play Lottery Singapore, from retail outlets to the internet. Playing the lottery online is very convenient, safe, and secure. You can even play the lottery on your mobile phone if you prefer. However, make sure that your phone is compatible with the website before you register. In addition to playing online, you can also register to receive email alerts of Lottery Singapore draws. This way, you will never miss a draw!

Toto was first launched in Singapore on June 9, 1968. In 1981, snowballing was introduced and top prices increased. In May 1986, the game was made available on computer. The original format is a 5/49 grid, which was later changed to a 6/49 format. In 1988, the top price was increased to SGD100. In 2017, the game was made online and is now offered on Mondays and Thursdays at 6.30pm.

The lottery is available online, at regional outlets, and at local stores. Although the odds are not as high as other lottery games, it is a good option for a quick game. You can check if you’ve won before rushing to buy tickets, and cash in on the jackpot if you’re lucky. In fact, there are three locations in Singapore where you can purchase tickets for Lottery Singapore. However, the website is the best option, since it is available 24/7.